Yours truly, surrounded by birthday cakes!



Skye Rogers is an author, crafter, teacher, designer and pop-up shopkeeper. Skye has developed her own style intuitively over the years, and so her design and illustration styles vary widely - depending on the brief or what she's been staring at lately. To create an artwork that has it's own integrity is upmost in her mind, however that is achieved; through paint, Photoshop, collage, pen and ink or making something from scrap paper or textile remnants.

'Always', she says, 'There is the desire is to create something with emotional weight, something that will be enduring.'

Skye began her greeting card and stationery company ‘Skye's The Limit,’ in 2007, with its charter to offer uniquely illustrated work that carries Skye's unique sense of style and colour.

In January 2015, Skye opened 'Wyld and Whimsy', a pop-up store bursting with locally handmade and fair trade goodies. Workshops are held in the inspiring shopfront where kids, adults and mums with their bubs are all get wildly creative - and sometimes a little bit whimsical.

Skye also travels to host workshops: she has held craft sessions in such places as Bali, Bristol, Queensland and Melbourne and is always open to new suggestions!

Skye is also the author of 5 non-fiction books: 'Jobs for the Girls', about women in small business, (Random House, co-authored by Caro Llewellyn), 'thirtysomething,' (Allen + Unwin) about women navigating their 30's, 'Bend of the River,' (Lansdowne Press) a memoir about a family farm, (co-authored with her mother, Jerry Rogers), 'Drink Me,' (Harper Collins) a memoir of a relationship, and most recently, 'Paper Bliss - projects and musings on life in the paper lane.'). 'Paper Bliss' finally brings together Skye's two great loves: writing and designing/making.

Get in touch with Skye: if you're interested in any collaborations or commissioning a workshop, book or artwork.